How your Uphold wallet is organized (Web classic view)

Once you've successfully funded your account, your value is stored on an Uphold Money Card. You'll start with several default cards. To create a new card, click to "Cards" on your dashboard and click "add card/currency". Give your card a nickname to find it more easily.



You can move your value to another card and hold your value as one of our supported currencies using your Uphold Money Cards. When you're on one of your cards with value on it, click to "transfer between your cards",


Add the amount you wish to convert, then click the Uphold Money Card you wish to move your funds to. You'll see your transfer happen instantly: 



To find out more about rates and fees, please click for a complete list of Account Funding & Withdrawals Costs and Limits

You can click to view all of your cards and star your favorites to easily organize them to the dashboard. (You cannot delete an Uphold Money Card at this time.)

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