Is Uphold a free service?

Uphold is free to join and the majority of Uphold's services, particularly for verified members, are absolutely free. Sending and receiving a financial value between any Uphold member, and holding financial value on our platform is 100% free.

Conversion Fees

We charge an exchange fee when a member buy/converts between different currencies. This is based upon a percentage of the transaction value (see the full list of fees below).

You may also notice a slight difference between the buy and sell price quote for the same currency pair at Uphold. This is because we include in the quote a Price Protection Fee. This small difference (usually less than 0.75% above or below the market rate) allows us to give you an instant and guaranteed quote no matter the market conditions or other factors that may affect our ability to settle your trade.

Learn more about our fees, costs and limits here.

When sending bitcoin to an address outside of Uphold, you are charged a Bitcoin Withdrawal Fee of 0.0003 bitcoin.

Commitment to Transparency

We are 100% committed to complete transparency with any and all fees charged on our platform. We believe in a world where everyone has access to financial services and for that, we are dedicated to offering the lowest fees possible.

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