My verification code is not working

If your verification code doesn't arrive, or you're having any trouble with your phone number, here's a few fixes you can try: 

 A) I'm not receiving SMS codes

1. Please check if the phone number you're using is the same as you have registered on your Uphold account. If not, please go to step E).
2. Due to issues with the SMS network itself, codes may be undeliverable to some customers. To prevent this, it is recommended to use an Authenticator app for 2FA (Authy) in your Uphold account if possible, as they do not require internet connectivity or SMS coverage once configured. Please go to step B, for instructions about installing authy please go to step B).

B) I'm having problems installing the Authy App

The following article explains in detail how to setup Authy Two Factor Authentication App for Uphold. No QR code is required to configure Authy, it's the phone number and email that link's Authy to your Uphold account.

C) Verification codes from Authy are not working

Make sure that you are using the same phone number and email as used in your Uphold account. If you are, please contact our support team sending a screenshot of the configuration you are currently using on Authy (Settings > My Account).

D)  Uphold entry doesn't show on my Authy App

Please refer to step C).

E) I no longer have the same phone number.                                     

If you changed your phone number and you don't have access to the "old" phone, please consult the following FAQ for instructions on how to update it:

How do I change my phone number?

I'm using a landline or a Google Voice Number

Please don't use Authy with a landline. Authy does not fully support landlines, so if the phone call doesn't work, you may be locked out with no other means to authenticate. If you already registered a landline, please consult the following FAQ for instructions on how to reset your phone.

Google voice numbers are also not recommended. More information can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding this topic or if you require further assistance please contact our support team

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