What are the benefits of becoming a verified member of Uphold?

On the Uphold platform, we make a distinction between members who haven't verified their identity and those who have. If you haven't yet verified your identity, you are subject to a transaction limit of $1000 U.S. dollars. 
Uphold requires all members to become verified members when the cumulative value of their lifetime transactions (excluding the addition of funds to their accounts) exceeds $1,000 US dollars.
Becoming a verified member not only provides you with access to incredible cost-saving benefits, it also helps keep your transactions safe and secure. By verifying that our members are who they say they are, we are able to keep the entire Uphold network protected from bad actors.

In addition to your increased security, your verified membership gives you access to more of the following perks and privileges:

 - Ability to add or withdraw funds to and from your Uphold account using bank transfer [1]
 - Pre-release access to new currencies and features
 - Insider tools, tips and product information before the rest of the world
 - And a growing list of exclusive benefits & rewards to come! 

To show our continued appreciation, we'll develop and improve our membership program on an ongoing basis in order to provide you with the best benefits and privileges possible.

To become a Verified Member, click here.

[1] Available for members with bank accounts in selected countries.


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