How do I get an API key?

Partners can acquire an API key in one of two ways.

Developers wishing to use Uphold Connect can visit the Applications tab in their Settings area and register a new application. Upon registration, developers will be given an Client ID and Secret. These two “keys” can be used to generate authorization tokens associated with a user’s account, and provisioned through a standard authorization protocol called OAuth.

Developers can also generate a Personal Access Token (“PAT”) via a call to our API. A PAT is an authorization token that gives the bearer access to their own Uphold account.

Instructions on how to acquire the above authorization tokens can be found in our developer documentation. If you need help, our community of developers would be happy to help.

Partners looking to integrate with our API must register an application and use the Web Application Flow.

For your convenience, we have the ability to provision an "API Key" or UAT that never expires so that you can avoid having to pass in a username and password. To get an API key, visit our API Authentication page.


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