How do I work with Uphold's API?

Uphold's API is available for developers and partners. Our Developer Terms, Developer Community, open API documentation, testing environment and app directory can be found in our Uphold Developers website.

Uphold Connect is our hub for developers, businesses and other partners to integrate Uphold functionality into their financial services apps. Building on top of our platform gives you access to:
  • Free and instant multi-currency and multi-commodity transactions
  • Real-time transparency of transactions
  • One-to-one reserve backing of all value stored within Uphold
  • Upholds advanced security and information infrastructure, including KYC and AML.

Want to contribute to our client libraries?

We are actively looking for developers to contribute Uphold client libraries for a variety of platforms and languages. If you have written a library, please share a link to your github repository with us at so that we can help you promote it, and collaborate with you on its further development.

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