How to add funds using debit or credit card (Web Classic view)

We’re pleased to offer account funding via debit/credit cards. This feature is currently offered to all verified Uphold users, with the exception of those in the countries listed here. If you have not yet verified your account, please click here to login and complete the verification process.

Uphold currently accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Important Update: Deposits made via credit/debit card will be immediately available for use within your Uphold wallet.

Please Note that:

  • You must be a verified member of Uphold to fund your account via credit card.
  • Uphold only supports VISA and MASTERCARD.
  • We require that all debit/credit cards are 3D secure eligible 
  • If your card is not 3D secure eligible, you will receive an error message and the transaction will fail. Select banks will require various steps to authorize the initial purchase using 3D secure, so please get in touch with your bank if you need further assistance with 3D secure.


To connect your credit or debit card to your Uphold account:

  1. Head to any of your cards and click "Add Funds,"  or go to “Settings” and “Funding Methods”
  2. Click "Add Credit/Debit Card"
  3. Fill in the card details and click "Create".  We recommend you give your credit/debit card a name (in the field: ‘Label’) so you can easily identify it later, e.g., “My personal MasterCard”


Limits and Fees

Your card will then be linked to Uphold and available for transactions. Funds added using a credit or debit card are subject to a fee (3.99%).

When funding by credit or debit card, a minimum of $50 €50 £50/day and a maximum of $1500 can be funded per week. For further details about our credit card fees and limits, please visit our FAQ: Account funding & withdrawal costs and limits

To add funds to your Uphold account using your connected credit or debit card:

  1. Head to any of your Money Cards and click "Add Funds"
  2. Choose the credit or debit card you have previously added
  3. Select how much money you'd like to add, accept the terms and click "confirm"


How many Credit Cards can I link to my Uphold account?
You can add up to 3 debit/credit cards to your Uphold account.

How long will my Credit Card transaction take?
Credit and debit card transactions are processed instantly for verified accounts. 

What is Uphold Credit Card Merchant Category Code?
Our MCC code is 6051 - "Other Financial Services". Some credit cards may fail to process if merchants configured to exclude this code.

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