How to set-up Authy Two-Factor Authentication for Uphold

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is a very secure way to protect your online accounts. It works by requiring you to identify yourself using two different things when you log in to a site. The second factor is tied to something 'you have' (like a cellphone). So you can think of two-factor as something you know (your password) + something you have (your cellphone).

What is Authy?

Authy's goal is to make it easy and straightforward for anyone to use Two-Factor authentication on all of your online accounts, using your phone or desktop. Authy provides an App that makes it easy for you to keep all your tokens and "just" works for a strong authentication. 

How do I install Authy?

Here is a link how to install Authy on your smartphone. 

Here is a link how to use Authy for the Web. Authy can be installed on your desktop (Mac and Windows).


How do I register the Authy App?

You don't need a QR code to configure Authy to Uphold - Enabling two-factor authentication on Uphold will automatically register your phone with Authy and associate it with Uphold.

The key factor to registering your Uphold account within Authy is to use the same phone number and email address as is registered on your Uphold account.

Setting up Authy is easy, you just have to enter your cell phone number and email as described below.

For the mobile version of Authy, go to the app and click "Settings"

Enter your mobile phone number (the same number as you use with Uphold)


 Enter your email (same as Uphold) 

Lastly, for security Authy will use your number to send you a registration pin. You can get one via SMS or Phone Call.


The same process applies to register on Chrome extension version. Go to "settings" and enter your phone and email:



More information about Authy for PC can be found here

How do I log in to my Uphold account using Authy Two-Factor Authentication?

Authy tokens (verification codes) are automatically synchronized. Just open the app and they will be downloaded automatically.

When you log in to your Uphold account you will be prompted to enter the verification code. To receive this secure code, simply open the Authy app, you will see the Uphold logo, click on that logo and then enter the verification code displayed.

How do I sync with my Google Authenticator account?

You can also add tokens from Web sites that support Google Authenticator such as Gmail, Dropbox, Lastpass and Amazon Web Services. Please consult the following link for more information:

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