How do I report a chargeback or fraudulent activity with the Virtual Mastercard?

The Virtual Mastercard comes with the same consumer protections as your Uphold account.

Uphold takes security and privacy very seriously to ensure our members' personal data and money are completely safe and secure at all times. Our Information Security and Personal Information protection programs for access and encryption are designed to prevent bad actors from taking advantage of our systems, members, employees, or brand. We use a combination of internal security professionals and external security firms to routinely conduct Security Audits and Penetration Testing of our systems. Uphold performs a thorough diligence review on all of our employees, potential service providers and partners. We deploy a multitude of security measures to ensure that all personal and financial information on our system is completely safe and secure at all times.

We also encourage our members to take the extra measure to protect their accounts by enabling Two-Factor Authentication. This works by requiring you to identify yourself using two different things when you log in to a site. Learn more about how to enable two-factor authentication for your Virtual Mastercard.

If you have concerns regarding a transaction or want to dispute a charge, please contact us at 


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