Virtual Mastercard Notice

Due to service suspension by the service provider, WEX, Uphold has suspended our Virtual debit card product. We are happy to share we will be issuing a refund for those who held a VMC balance at the time of service suspension along with a full refund of the 5% card creation fee.

If eligible for a refund, you will receive two separate transactions from Uphold, one will be the refund of the VMC balance, that will reference the name of the VMC similar to the ‘Zappos test’ below, and the second will be the card creation fee refund.


We have been working to finalize an alternative that will bring better service and options for our customers. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to bringing an optimal product offering to our members.

Please note:  This means any and all VMC cards had been canceled and any pending transactions may be rejected.  




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