How to buy LBA via debit/credit card

Important Update: Deposits made via credit/debit card will be immediately available for use within your Uphold wallet. In an effort to ensure the security of your account, there is a 24 hour settlement period before you can withdraw or send funds deposited via credit/debit card to another member.


  1. To buy LBA via a debit/credit card you first need to add funds to your USD card
  2. Now that funds are added to your USD card you can send between any of your Uphold cards
  3. From the USD card
  4. Select transfer between cards
  5. Select LBA
  6. Select the value/amount you would like to send to your LBA card
  7. Review transaction and click confirm to complete the transaction
    1. You can confirm this and any transaction within your Uphold wallet by visiting the activity tab within your wallet.
  8. Add funds to the USD card in your Uphold wallet
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