How will I receive my Form 1099-K?

The 1099-K is available to view and download in your Uphold wallet.



What do I do with the information on Form 1099-K?

The Form 1099-K is an informational return. Use this informational return in conjunction with your other tax records to determine your correct tax.

 If you notice a difference between your income and the box 1b of "transactions" on the 1099-K, that's because 1b is all transactions (in, out, and transfer). 1099-K doesn't report income, only total amount of transactions. 

What do I do if I think my Form 1099-K is incorrect?

If you believe the information on a Form 1099-K is incorrect, the form has been issued in error, or you have a question regarding to the form, please contact our team,


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