What is Basic Attention Token?

Uphold is the preferred wallet for Basic Attention Token with connectivity to USD, EUR, and more.

What Is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

BAT is a digital advertising token built for the Brave browser on top of the Ethereum network. The idea is to remove privacy-invading cookies and trackers that built a data profile based on your browsing history by offering publishers a different way to monetize their content through BAT.

How does it work? By opting into Brave Payments and choosing to see Brave Ads in the Brave browser, users reward their favorite publishers and also generate BAT based on their browsing habits. In fact, the expected revenue share rate will be 70% of ad-revenue for viewing direct-to-user ads in private ad slots. Publishers who opt into this new system receive 70% of ad revenue while users who view the ads will receive 15% of that revenue.


Users of the browser can now receive 70% of the ad revenue share as a reward for their attention (viewing ads), which they can then contribute to publishers. Publishers who post popular, high-quality content that successfully drives users to interact with ads are also rewarded with BAT. In the coming months, all Brave users will be able to withdrawal their revenue share from viewing ads to their Uphold wallet.

Uphold makes it easy to buy, hodl and transfer BAT between 30+ supported currencies as well as withdraw via ACH (for USD) and SEPA (for EUR).

Uphold’s partnership with the Brave team furthers our mission to enable people all over the world to hold any form of money, commodity, or utility tokens securely, and to be able to transact seamlessly.

It’s that easy! Don’t forget with Uphold you can also buy, sell, hold and transfer between over 30+ supported fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. With Basic Attention Token, you’re actively supporting the content you consume and making the web a better place by refusing to allow malicious trackers, cookies, and advertising to define your browsing experience.

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