How to buy Litecoin in Europe 

Buy, sell and exchange Litecoin (LTC) on Uphold in Europe via SEPA - low fees, secure and transparent. 


How is Uphold different? 

Uphold members can:

Important Reminders: 

  • For SEPA deposits, in order to process the transaction, don't forget to include the destination card Reference ID, without this information our system will be unable to track the destination account. 
  • When deposits made via SEPA are credited to your account (within 1-2 business days), they will be available for use within your Uphold wallet.


Follow these steps to buy LTC with in Europe via SEPA:


  1. Log in to your Uphold account
  2. Select the LTC card 
  3. Click 'Add Funds'
  4. Select the ‘Fund with SEPA’ option
  5. Retrieve the bank account details (including the Reference ID)
  6. Use these details to wire funds from your bank account to your Uphold account


  1. Log in to the Uphold app - once logged in, select the main menu and “Buy”
  2. From the list of currencies, select LTC
  3. Select “Eurozone bank account”
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit and tap “Preview buy”
  5. Review your transaction details and tap “See details”
  6. Use these details (including the Reference ID) to wire funds from your bank account to your Uphold account
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