How do I link my U.S. bank account to Uphold using Plaid? (Web classic view)

If you want to add a US bank account, you'll need to authenticate your ownership of the account using Plaid. It's a simple process that protects you from fraud by preventing anyone from moving money out of your bank account without your permission.

Just follow these easy steps:



  1. Log in to your Uphold account
  2. Click to Settings, and select “funding methods”
  3. Click “Add bank account” and choose “Use bank login credentials"
  4. Review the Plaid requirements and select “Continue” 
  5. Select your bank and enter you bank’s login credentials (you may also be instructed to answer your online banking security phrases)
  6. Once your bank credentials are confirmed, select “Continue”
  7. Select the account(s) you wish to link and click “Add account”

Now you’re ready to fund your account.

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