How do I connect my bank account to Uphold using my routing and account numbers?

Important note: Funds added with a manually linked bank account will be available to trade in your Uphold account in 5-7 business days. You can withdraw the funds to cryptocurrency networks after 60 days. We’ve had to introduce this cooldown period to protect our members from fraud. You can withdraw funds to the originating bank account at any time. If you need to send funds to cryptocurrency networks immediately, you can link your U.S. bank account with a verification service called Plaid.

Here are the simple steps to connect your bank account using your routing and account number:


  1. Log in to your Uphold account
  2. In Settings, select “funding methods”
  3. Click "Add Bank Account” and choose “Use routing and account number"
  4. Enter your account and routing number and billing address. We recommend you give your bank account a name so you can easily identify it later, e.g. “Chase checking account.”
  5. Click "Create". Your bank will now be linked to Uphold.
  6. Members can connect more than one bank account to their Uphold Wallet. If you wish to add another bank account, go back to the main “Add Bank Account” tab and click on “+ Add Bank Account” button above your list of “Available Bank Accounts.”


  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Select “Linked Accounts”.
  3. Tap “+” to add a bank account
  4. Select “U.S. bank account”
  5. Choose “Use routing and account number"
  6. Enter the account routing and account number and billing information  
  7. Select “Add bank account” 

Please note: In order for transfers to be processed, the name on your linked bank account must match the name on your Uphold profile. 

Bank of America customers: please do not use routing number 026009593, this will give you an error.

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