What's the difference between BAT Grants, Rewards, and user-funded BAT?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is built upon the ERC20 token standard.  BAT funds can be obtained via earnings made by opting into the Brave Ads platform, by depositing funds directly into your Brave Rewards wallet, or from BAT Grants issued from Brave's User Growth Pool (UGP).

  • User-funded BAT
    These tokens are bought with out-of-pocket funds (e.g. with credit card, bitcoin, etc) by the user and deposited into their Brave browser card located in your Uphold account. Self-funded BAT will never expire. 
  • Ads Rewards
    Any BAT earned from opting into viewing privacy respecting ads is yours to use however you see fit and will not expire regardless of whether or not you use it.
  • BAT Grants
    These are promotional tokens from Brave to users to stimulate the ecosystem and allow users to test the Rewards platform without having to spend money from their own pocket. These tokens carry an expiration date with them and if not used by the expiration date, they will be redistributed into the UGP.
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