0% Commissions, 0% credit/debit card deposits, 0% withdrawal fees

Applies to mobile version (v 4.0 or above) and individual type accounts.

We are now significantly less expensive than most platforms in the retail cryptocurrency sector. We no longer charge trading commissions, or deposit & withdrawal fees, with a limited number of exceptions*. We now include a small spread of typically ~50-100bps in the price you pay to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our spread can be as low as ~40bps, depending on your individual trading pattern and volume. This compares exceptionally well against the charges at some competitor platforms where you’ll pay more than 1,000bps (10%+) to buy $10 worth of Bitcoin. We’ve moved to a commission-free pricing model because it’s simple. There are no complex fee layers. The price you see at Preview stage is the price you pay when you trade. It’s the model that has taken the equities world by storm because it’s clear and all-inclusive. Uphold is more cost-effective than before because we have a new and sophisticated pricing engine, plugged into more exchanges. This proprietary technology enables us to source assets cheaply. What’s more, Uphold is uniquely capable of single-step, ‘Anything-to-Anything’ transactions - e.g. XRP to DASH - conversions that would often involve at least two trades and double the fees on other platforms.

For a partial list of one-step trades available only on Uphold, click here.

* For more about our pricing, click here

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