Send USD or EUR to friends and family using national currencies

Applies to version 4.0 and later.

You can easily send almost any local currency using national currencies. Here's an example:

1 - Tap transact.png at the bottom of your screen

2 - Tap "From" and select any asset from your account (e.g. Bitcoin)

3 - Tap "To", select contacts*  (scroll to the right) in the top menu and choose a contact

4 - Choose the currency your friend receives (e.g. EUR)

5 - Tap Screenshot_2020-01-28_at_11.18.20.png to expand the field and enter the amount you want to send in your local currency (e.g. USA)

6 - Tap Preview_send.png

7 - Tap Confirm_button.png 

8 - Enter your 6-digit code from the authenticator app

9 - You're done!


*You can also send funds to people who aren't in your contacts. In fact, you can send any currency to virtually anyone, anywhere just using an email address. Here's how.

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