What’s special about the Uphold Card

The Uphold Card allows you to spend crypto, national currencies and precious metals at more than 50 million merchants and virtually all ATMs worldwide. Anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

A ‘true’ debit card rather than a pre-loadable card, it is far more widely accepted than many of its competitors.

The card brings a whole new level of utility to your Uphold account.

You can hook up your Uphold Card to bitcoin, for example, and withdraw local currency in more than 180 countries, benefiting from automatic deductions from your bitcoin balance without any manual conversion into USD.

Similarly, when you travel abroad you can use your Uphold Card and avoid the punitive FX rates charged by banks, which can be above 10%.

Last but not least: with the Uphold Card you’ll earn Crypto Reward on every transaction: 1% when you spend national currencies, and 2% for cryptocurrencies.

If you spend bitcoin, you get bitcoin back. What could be better? You spend what you want and get paid commission in the most (potentially) appreciative asset on the planet.

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