What’s special about your fractional equities offering?

Our research shows that it’s the easiest and most cost-effective way for consumers outside North America to buy and sell U.S. stocks. Here’s why.

  1. It's fast. You can open an Uphold equity account and trade in minutes.

  2. It’s cheap. We’re way less expensive than other equity platforms because we don’t charge dormancy, custody and other account fees typical of the sector. Plus our currency conversion costs are among the lowest available for consumers (0.2%).

  3. It’s open to everyone. Our platform opens up U.S. equity trading for people of all incomes: there’s no minimum investment amount or account balance to maintain. You can put as little as $1 into Amazon, now trading at over US$2,000 per share, and obtain a fractional stake that moves in line with the underlying share price. Plus, you get proportional dividend income.

  4. It’s easy. From one account, you can trade 50 U.S. equities, four precious metals, 30 cryptocurrencies, and 27 national currencies. Less paperwork, less hassle.

  5. It’s efficient. Uphold is the only platform that allows you to trade from Tesla to Facebook in one trade with no intermediate conversion into US Dollars. This saves time and money by stripping out an unnecessary layer of trading fees.
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