What makes U.S. equities important as an asset class?

  1. They offer great potential earnings - capital growth and dividend income.

  2. They’re relatively ‘safe’. The U.S. securities market is highly regulated. Stringent oversight makes for comparatively low risk.

  3. They offer unrivalled domestic market access. U.S. companies have unfettered access to the world’s largest single market and most robust economy.

  4. They’re global. Many of our supported equity symbols are household-name firms with global distribution.

  5. You can magnify your returns. Reinvesting your dividends in the underlying share can create a multiplier effect on your investment.

  6. You can tailor your risk/return profile. Our supported symbols include tech companies, with the potential for super-charged growth, and well established firms, offering lower risk profiles and higher dividend income, as well as Fixed Income ETFs.

Compared with cryptos, U.S. equities are seen as a safer, less volatile way of protecting and building your wealth over time. As U.S. Dollar denominated assets, U.S. stocks also provide USD currency stability.

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