How much can I expect to save by trading U.S. equities on Uphold?

Here’s an example. Let’s say you live in Latin America deposit $200 worth of Colombian Pesos into an equity trading account. You use the dollars to buy Amazon stock, then sell your holding and buy Facebook with the proceeds. After a few months, you sell Facebook and withdraw your funds back to Colombian Pesos. If you made only those trades in a year, with Uphold, you’d pay just $7.04 compared with ~$130 in fees on the biggest equity trading platform in Latin America. Almost 20x as much.


  • Uphold doesn’t charge monthly dormancy fees (up to  $10 per month or more on other platforms). At Uphold there are no deposit, withdrawal, custody fees or other ‘hidden’ fees.

  • Uphold’s foreign exchange fees are just 0.2% - among the cheapest in the retail market. Some brokers charge 5x more.

  • Trades between equities on Uphold are direct and don’t require intermediate conversion into US Dollars, saving you the cost of multiple currency conversions.
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