How have you reduced total trading costs for U.S. equities compared with other platforms?

  • No unnecessary third parties. We don’t sell your order flow to third-party broker dealers, a practice that virtually guarantees you get uncompetitive pricing.
  • No hidden mark-ups. On Uphold, the price you see for a stock at Preview is the price you pay when you transact. In other words, unlike many platforms we don’t charge hidden mark-ups during trading.
  • No account fees. Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge fees such dormancy, custody, minimum balance infractions etc
  • Low exchange rates. We charge just 0.2% for foreign exchange conversion. Most equity platforms in Latin America charge 3%. Uphold’s rate is what you’d get by trading more than $1 billion at one major competitor!

No unnecessary noise. We eliminate intermediate currency conversion. Unlike other platforms, we don’t make you convert into USD when you sell Amazon to buy Facebook. On Uphold it’s a direct trade.

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