How can I set up an Automated Transaction?

1 - Tap Transact at the bottom of your screen

2 - Select Repeat at the top

3 - Tap From and select the origin source for your transaction (e.g. Debit/Credit Card, Bank account, BTC) and enter the amount

4 - Tap To and select the asset you want to buy

5 - On the grey board on the bottom tap Repeat and select the frequency

6 - On the grey board on the bottom tap Start and select the start date

7 - On the grey board on the bottom tap Ends and select one of the options:

  • Day and select the end date for your automated transaction
  • Occurrences and select the number of times you want you automated transaction to occur (this will shown you the stop date as well)

8 - Tap Preview repeat trade at the bottom

9 - Tap Confirm repeat trade at the bottom

You're set!

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