Can I withdraw UPXAU to a private wallet?

Yes. Either to a private wallet on the Ethereum Network or a cold storage device.

UPXAU is an ERC-20 wrapper token that leverages blockchain technology for two important reasons: transparency and efficiency.

The transparency gains are immediately evident: the exact state of the accounts housing the tokens and the 1:1 backing with digital gold certificates and underlying bullion are auditable in real time, and visible on the UP Alliance transparency page.

For UPXAU, the extreme efficiency of the token (zero custody fees, no transfer costs, spendable on a debit card, redeemable for physical gold and instantly settled) reflects the superiority of the underlying product. Moreover, the broad adoption of ERC-20 tokens positions UPXAU for expedited liquidity and flexible custody, including self- custody in a private wallet on the Ethereum Network.

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