Who issues Universal Gold?

The issuer of UPXAU is the Universal Protocol Alliance. A coalition of leading cryptocurrency companies, the UP Alliance has a mission to help decentralized ledger technology achieve mainstream adoption as a universal method of transferring value over the internet.

UP Alliance members include CertiK, a blockchain security specialist; Ledger, a custodian of digital assets; InfiniGold, a precious metals digitization company; Uphold, an investments and payments platform; and Blockchain at Berkeley, an accelerator for decentralized ledger innovation.

The UP Alliance has already successfully issued the Universal Dollar (UPUSD), Universal Bitcoin (UPBTC) and Universal Euro (UPEUR). All are wrapped tokens on the Ethereum Network and feature transparent value substantiation with a public record of the underlying collateral.

Other Partners:

The Perth Mint: the trading name of the Gold Corporation, an entity wholly owned and guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia, with a long -term credit rating of AA+(S&P). It is the largest refiner of newly-minted gold in the world.

InfiniGold is a leading precious metal digitization company spun out of RoZetta (formerly Capital Markets CMC) and is the developer of the technology underpinning GoldPass, the digital gold certificates that map each unit of gold housed at the Perth Mint to a UPXAU Token. The team previously developed SMARTS, the leading global market surveillance system, acquired by NASDAQ in 2010.

For the avoidance of doubt, The Perth Mint does not guarantee the Universal Protocol Alliance issued Universal Gold (UPXAU) or its operation on the blockchain. The Perth Mint only guarantees the gold securely held by it that backs all GoldPass certificates.

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