What is Universal Gold (UPXAU)?

UPXAU is the only form of gold that is free to hold, government backed, spendable on a debit card and purpose-built to be accessible and affordable for virtually anyone, anywhere.

Issued by the Universal Protocol Alliance, UPXAU is an ERC-20 gold Token like no other. Each Token represents 1 troy oz (31.10348 grams) of pure physical gold held at the Perth Mint in Western Australia.

The underlying gold is physically deliverable and government-guaranteed, which eliminates credit risk and the need for insurance, another major carrying cost of gold.

Each UPXAU Token is collateralized on a 1:1 basis by an Infinigold GoldPass Certificate in a transparent value substantiation process published on the Ethereum blockchain and audited by renowned blockchain security firm CertiK.

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, there have been numerous attempts to produce a superior, digitized gold solution. But until now, no product has managed to combine all of the following properties in one offering:

  • Zero storage and management fees
  • Redeemable for physical gold
  • Instant settlement
  • State-backed guarantee on underlying assets
  • No transfer fees

Universal Gold delivers all five advantages and in doing so provides a superior way to invest in gold. One that overcomes all of the traditional drawbacks.

Leveraging transparent-value substantiation technology, the Universal Protocol Alliance has built a gold Token that opens up the largely opaque and OTC-dominated 20 trillion-dollar gold market to a far broader constituency. For the first time, virtually anyone, anywhere can easily invest in gold and spend their holdings as easily as cash.

For the avoidance of doubt, The Perth Mint does not guarantee the Universal Protocol Alliance issued Universal Gold (UPXAU) or its operation on the blockchain. The Perth Mint only guarantees the gold securely held by it that backs all GoldPass certificates

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