What advantages does Universal Gold possess compared with physical gold?

While physical gold remains one of the best long-term stores of value, as an investment it suffers from some serious drawbacks. Gold is expensive to store, costly to trade and often subject to minimum investments that put it way out of reach for most people.

Specifically designed to be easily tradable and affordable, UPXAU allows virtually anyone, anywhere to invest in gold quickly and cost-effectively, while enjoying all the advantages of physical gold.

Major advantages:

  • Zero custody fees (physical gold can cost ~0.4% to store per year)
  • Spendable on a debit card
  • Easy to trade into and out of (even if you don’t have an account, you can buy Universal Gold in less than 1 minute on Uphold).
  • Invest as little as $1 in gold with no maximum
  • Digital portability and self custody (Ethereum private wallet or cold storage device)
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