Why we’ve upgraded Mastercard deposit capability

Finding out that your card deposit has failed can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you have funds available.

That’s why we’ve changed the way we process Mastercard cards to reduce decline rates, especially for our U.S. customers.

We believe cards should be the easiest way to deposit money with us - and it's important that we give you the best experience we can.

You’ll now need to relink your Mastercard card because we had to clear all previously-linked Mastercard cards during the switch. It’s to protect your sensitive data.

When you link your new Mastercard card:

  • Make sure your card’s billing address matches the one linked to your Uphold account.
  • You can change your registered residential address in the Profile section.
  • If you need to change your country or State, contact our support team.

If you get ‘Unexpected error’ when you link your card, contact the bank that issued your card because it’s possible your card is not 3DS enabled. We only accept 3DS cards.

Once you’ve got your new card linked, you'll feel the difference.

Team Uphold

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