Uphold is proud to be a payment gateway for IMVU users wishing to offboard their VCOIN.



IMVU is the world’s largest avatar-based social network offering a rare comprehensive and dynamic economy with an ecosystem of buyers, sellers and users – that are the creators, hosts and customers. In partnership with Uphold, IMVU users are now able to withdraw their in-game currency, VCOIN, to their Uphold account for real value.

What is VCOIN?

Selling VCOIN

What are the requirements needed to Withdraw VCOIN?

How to withdraw VCOIN to your Uphold Account

Is there a limit on the amount of VCOIN that users can convert into fiat currency?

How/where to buy VCOIN

Will the price of VCOIN fluctuate?

Can I have more than one wallet if I use different IMVU accounts?

What is the exchange rate for VCOIN?

Why does IMVU take a percentage of the VCOIN I send or receive?

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