Why didn’t my limit order execute when the target price shown in your Markets Chart was achieved?

Our charts show mid-market prices for assets. Limit orders are triggered by the actual Buy or Sell prices achievable in the market. There is always a small difference between the two. This means that while our charts may suggest the target price for your asset has been met, the actual Buy or Sell price required is not yet obtainable. As a result, the Limit Order remains open and is not executed.

Sell price

  • The price that you accept to sell an asset for.

Buy price

  • The price that you accept to buy an asset for.

Mid-market price

  • The price that sits in the middle of the market, equi-distant from the current Buy and the current Sell prices. Like virtually all Exchanges, we show this price in our charts.



    • BTC sell price $50,500.00
    • BTC buy price $49,500.00
    • BTC mid price $50,000.00
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