Why my verification code isn't accepted?

The verification code changes every 30 seconds, so it can be rejected for to multiples reasons such as:

  • The code inserted already expired;
  • Time isn’t correctly synced on your Authenticator app.
  • The Uphold account configured in your Authenticator App may be out-of-date.


When authenticating using your Authenticator App be sure to:

  • Insert the verification code with enough time for it to be verified (avoid using it if there's only 2 seconds left).

  • Confirm that the time of your device and authenticator app are properly synced. It may be because the time isn’t correctly synced on your Authenticator app. Authenticator apps usually have a time correction feature that the codes generated are properly synced (e.g Time correction for codes in Google Authenticator).

  • Confirm that the Uphold account configured in your authenticator app is still active. When you reset your 2-Step Verification in your Uphold account, it won't automatically delete it from your authenticator app, so in case of a reset, you may end up with 2 or more different Uphold accounts in your authenticator app. Be sure to use the latest one, and consider deleting the previous ones from your authenticator app to avoid any possible confusion later on.
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