Enable Dark Mode

Need to rest your eyes? We’ve got you! Enable Dark Mode in the app by following these simple steps:

Mobile App

1 - Click on More 

2 - Go to Settings 

3 - Select Preferences TVcDm8OjYGQPRPZpmKwjzbwdS_fFERPcT3liKaeRHFGKTgz2RpGswI7NqvF-ffy-cK85wMRHhYqPp0r_NZtg58ft55sIsfer0ZZ4wLpO2mt_sZ2ruN-oC4ZQcxkrf6vU8.png
4 - Click on Dark Mode dark.png
5 -  Select an option from the list hDral9CUzgtuJGWbu5hqRNs6LDvIRQ6oi55Td7VbT9KnUQ4nxiPLB-md_ndumJMGRFRF6oWBhdhXMlgO2i9jt0gK7M8JShqFF_BPHq5GvKTZNrxWZH2qb44uWzukF2T5M.png


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