How does Uphold verify my identity?

Here's how to become a verified Uphold member. 

During registration, we collect your date of birth, as well as your phone number. This contributes to our global compliance efforts to ensure the security of our network and protect our members against fraud.

To become a verified member, we ask that you provide:

  1. Your current residential address
  2. One of the following valid government-issued IDs:
    • Passport
    • National ID card
    • Driver's license
  3. A 'live selfie' 

Tips to ensure the verification process is seamless: 

  • Take a clear picture of your valid government-issued ID, where every detail is legible and readable. Please note that scanned documentation will not be accepted.
  • Take all photos in an area that is brightly lit,
  • Turn flash off to avoid glare on the document
  • Check to be certain that the details on your ID match those details on your Uphold account (legal name, no nicknames)
  • Make sure that your legal document has at least 3 months validity left on it
  • Please don't take a photo of a picture. When taking a selfie, it needs to be a "live selfie"

Visit these FAQ for step-by-step directions on our mobile app and our web version. 

Note: Residents of China are required to submit a valid government-issued identification number. 

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