Dash InstantSend

Uphold members can now select the DASH InstantSend which provides members access to a faster transaction confirmation reducing the time it takes for funds to arrive at the recipient's DASH wallet. 

How to select InstantSend within your DASH Wallet on Uphold: 



Please Note:

  • Uphold enables faster deposit times for DASH transactions sent using InstantSend
  • Withdrawals can be expedited using InstantSend. However, the destination must also support InstantSend. If the destination/recipient does not support InstantSend, the transaction will be processed by the  destination/recipient as a regular DASH transaction*.
  • The InstantSend DASH network withdrawal fee is 0.001 DASH
  • *The InstantSend fee is non-refundable if a destination/recipient does not support InstantSend the transaction will be processed at the destination/recipient  as a regular DASH transaction.
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