How to set up 2-Step Verification on your new device (Video)

(Mobile App)


1 - Tap Screenshot_2020-01-27_at_12.47.11.png on the right bottom

2 - Tap Settings

3 - Tap Security

4 - Select Change to a new device

5 - Enter your Verification Code

6 - Enter the password (applicable if you're logged in for more than 10 minutes)

7 - Confirm the “Verify it’s you” email (only applicable if you have funds)

8 - Add your Security Key to the Authenticator App

9 - Insert the new Verification Code and store the Security Key

Additional information: We advise this process to be initiated on your new device. However, it is possible to initiate it on your old device by copying the Security Key to the Authenticator App installed on the new device, or reading the QR code. You can also start the process on one device and complete it on the other.

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