You don’t have your Security Key and you're logged out

Mobile App

1 - Tap “Already have an account? Log in” on the bottom

2 - Enter your Email and Password

3 - Tap “Having problems with the code?” on the bottom

4 - Select “Recover by email”

5 - You’ll receive an email from Uphold confirming that the process has been initiated

6 - Exactly 24 hours later another email is sent to you with a button to confirm the reset process

7 - Press the “Yes, let’s do it” button on the email and you’ll be redirected to the Mobile App or Uphold site (depending if you’re on your mobile device or on your computer) , enter your password in order to reset the 2-Step

8 - You’ll now have access to a new Security Key you can use to configure your Authenticator App to generate new Verification Codes.


Additional information:

- Please note that, for security reasons, the email received 24 hours after you’ve initiated the Reset 2-Step Verification process has a duration of 7 days, after this you’ll need to restart the process.

- Throughout this process you will see a banner in the “Portfolio” and “Security” screens informing 2-Step Verification reset. At all times, you can cancel it and use the existing Security Key. If you take no action for 7 days after the process has started, it will be automatically canceled.

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