How can I download my transaction history?

Mobile App

1 - When signed in, at the bottom, tap Activity

2 - At the top right, tap the Document icon

3 - Tap the green button Generate Report*


New Web Wallet

1 - Go to Uphold and login

2 - At the left, click the Activity.png icon for Activity

3 - In the left panel, at the top right, click the Document icon

4 - Click the green button Generate Report*


Classic Web Wallet

1 - Go to the Uphold website and login

2 - At the top right, click Activity

3 - Click the document icon Screenshot_2020-07-21_at_10.36.19.png on the right 

4 - Click Transaction History on the drop down menu

5 - Click the green button Generate report

6 - You will receive an email a few minutes later

7 - Click Download* on the email you just received



*A few minutes later you'll receive an email with the option to download your transaction history in csv format

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