Proof of funds - why we may need it and what you should provide

At Uphold we need to keep our community safe, which is why at some point we may need you to take a few minutes to verify your Origin of Funds and Funding Account.

Below we list what docs you’ll need to provide to help us do this. If we require this information, you’ll be notified in the app to upload relevant files via Sendsafely.

There are two parts to the process:

  1. Origin of Funds

Choose the relevant category and upload one of the required document sets: 

  • Salary
    • 3 most recent payslips, or
    • 3 most recent bank statements, or
    • Bonus notification from employer, or
    • Annual Tax Return
  • Profits from owned business
    • 12 months bank statements, or
    • Most recent audited accounts, or
    • Latest Tax filing, or
    • Letter from Accountant
  • Loan
    • Loan agreement letter/contract
  • Inheritance
    • Copy of will or estate documentation including value and beneficiaries, or
    • Letter from a solicitor
  • Other
    • Lottery win - confirmation from awarding entity, or
    • Divorce Settlement - letter from Solicitor or Court, or
    • Sale of asset - invoice/bank statement evidencing deposit, or
    • House sale - conveyancing paperwork/ completion statement, or
    • Gift - written evidence of receipt, or
    • Pension statement


  1. Funding Account

Choose your funding source and upload the required doc(s):

  • Bank accounts
    • Bank statement showing your name, address and account details
  • Crypto wallets
    • Here is what we need for wallets on major Exchanges
  • Debit cards: 
    • A copy of your most recent bank statements

Please note that we are required to collect this information for regulatory and compliance purposes. If this information is not provided, we may not be able to offer you services, and may suspend or restrict your account

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