How do I update my phone number?

If you can't log into Uphold because your phone is lost, stolen, or otherwise inaccessible, we can reset the phone number associated with your Uphold account. 

Please contact our support team and send us the following information to comply with our security guidelines:

  • A valid copy of your government issued ID
  • A “selfie” of yourself holding a government issued ID and a document with the following written message “Uphold, change of phone number and the date of the request, eg: “03/01/2018.”  We must be able to see that you are holding the ID and the document.
  • Please provide the phone number currently linked to your account along with the phone number you would like to replace it with

Please note that this information is secure when sent through our support system, and our dedicated agents will verify your information as quickly as they can.


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